Its been fun guys...see you in a couple of years.

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Re: Its been fun guys...see you in a couple of years.

Postby changwonmatty » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:20 pm

nzfooty wrote:
changwonmatty wrote:Did meet nzfooty very soon after I got here (was meant to meet him a couple months ago but not sure what happened) but to be honest completely forgot about njs......first year I was here I was very infrequent but the second year have had a lot more spare time and my mind is turning back to Korea.

It was really good to see you in Auckland. Apologies for the lack of communication. There was a change in my circumstances since I last wrote and I will be going to Taipei (after all). This change has caused a few delays so I'm still in Wellington and just didn't notice the time go by. I will be in Taipei by Nov 16 so if you are still in Auckland in early November, it would be great to meet up. If not (and since this is on your to-do list), see you in Taiwan -- I think you will really enjoy it there. I will be in touch when I know the precise dates.

As for njs, I left Auckland mid-2014. If I had still been there I would've tried to organise a meeting with him. You weren't a frequent visitor here back then either so I guess it is just one of those things.

changwonmatty wrote:Thoughts on Auckland...traffic is surprisingly a nightmare, terrible design and noninvestment in needed infrastructure not helped by its geography, read its the worst in both aus/kiwiland....bloody expensive, food and public transport is more than be honest not overly fussed about the city and while great to visit happy to leave.

Thoughts on kiwiland....beautiful country, travelled all over both North and South Island and been to all the major cities....I have travelled many places around the world but South Island drive from Christchurch inland through Queenstown and then onto Milford Sound is the best road trip I have ever done....not an exaggeration to say its breathtaking....highly recommend a trip if you can afford the money (NZ isnt cheap) and the time.

I liked Auckland for the fact that it is NZ's most multicultural city and that it is warmer than other main centres in NZ. But yeah, the costs of living are horrendous. This is especially true of housing and the property crash can't be far away (food is expensive as well by international standards but not much more than the rest of NZ - in fact at least Auckland has this Asian chain where prices aren't too bad). The traffic is a headache as well (though I got lucky, living near a terminal with a ferry going straight into the CBD).

New Zealand, as you wrote, is a beautiful country. I spent most of my time in NZ living in Christchurch (itself quiet wee place, but with an easy access to many attractive spots around the South Island). This is one of New Zealand's greatest resources and should be managed carefully. I am not convinced it is though.
But a country definitely worth visiting (something I think I could say about a number of other things here).

I leave Auckland November 11 so if you are in town next week get back to me...will check up on facebook anyway. Live right across the road from Sky Tower in downtown now so very easy to get in to see for Taipei, still on the list. I actually had airplane tix booked (refundable though) for December for ten days in Taiwan but already have an almost full-time roster waiting for me as soon as I get back to Korea which is a bit surprising so once again on the backburner.

Traffic was one of two primary reasons we moved into the CBD near the university...I remember one day it took my 2 and a half hours to drive across the harbour bridge and back into Takapuna because of a couple of minor accidents, regular day in peak times it took me 90 mins - 2 hours for what should be a 20 minute return was the final straw (plus our upstairs housemates were driving us a bit crazy).
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