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Re: 2011 Rugby World Cup

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:16 am
by Holyjoe
There is (or perhaps it's now was) a rugby stadium pretty much adjacent to Onsu station on Seoul subway Line 1.. I don't think it was ever used for anything more than university rugby, which is pretty much what the domestic rugby league consisted of. I remember watching Korea take on Kazakhstan in an Asian Five Nations match at the Munsu practice pitch, I had hoped they'd have used Onsu for that one but no joy.

Re: 2011 Rugby World Cup

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:41 pm
by eujin
According to wikipedia there's a guy Andre Coquillard who came on as a sub for Korea in their last tri-nations match against Hong Kong. He's apparently born in Seoul to an American father and Korean mother. (Anyone know him?) Otherwise everyone else in the squad has Korean sounding names.

Hong Kong on the other hand lined up like this, and won (just).

Starting XV
B 15 Alex McQueen
RW 14 Tom McQueen
OC 13 Jamie Hood Substituted off 24'
IC 12 Max Woodward
LW 11 Salom Yiu Kam Shing
FH 10 Ben Rimen Substituted off 50'
SH 9 Cado Lee Ka-to
N8 8 Nick Hewson (c)
OF 7 Toby Fenn Substituted off 22' Substituted in 24' Substituted off 55'
BF 6 Matt Lamming Substituted off 58'
RL 5 Adrian Griffiths
LL 4 Paul Dywer Substituted off 75'
TP 3 Jack Parfitt Temporarily suspended from 13' to 23' 13' to 23'
HK 2 Lachlan Chubb Substituted off 74'
LP 1 John Aikman Substituted off 49'
HK 16 Alex Harris Substituted in 74'
PR 17 Leon Wei Hon Sum Substituted in 49'
PR 18 Jack Nielsen Substituted in 22' Substituted off 24'
LK 19 Jack Delaforce Substituted in 75'
FL 20 Alex Baddeley Substituted in 58'
N8 21 Damian Bailey Substituted in 58'
CE 22 Tyler Spitz Substituted in 24'
FH 23 Niall Rowark

tis but a drop of ink in the great Han River.

Re: 2011 Rugby World Cup

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:01 pm
by OttoSilver
The top 5 in Rugby are way ahead of the next 5, and the traditional top 10 are years ahead of everyone else. If you are 25th it means you re not even able to compete with countries like Samoa, Fiji, Japan and the USA, and (apart from Japan in the current World Cup) is nothing to write home about.

It's a sport that needs a strong infrastructure to play. A bit like Ice Hockey. There to you get a bunch of powerhouses and then everyone trailing along.

It's unlikely Korea will improve much on that ranking as they have a team with half of the players in the army, where they played for the first time. The rest are the few who somehow find time to play after they leave the army. Their main position in the region is Japan with a fully professional league in which many seasoned players form the main countries play (all be it at the end of their careers) and Hong Kong who have a total of 3 Eastern Asian looking players in the team. Other rich countries like Singapore cant compete because they don't have the population.

Re: 2011 Rugby World Cup

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:05 pm
by eujin
OttoSilver wrote:It's a sport that needs a strong infrastructure to play.

A ball, some people, something grasslike :smt102