Copa America 2015 (Chile)

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Copa America 2015 (Chile)

Postby Alex43 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:36 am

The tourney usually rotates host countries by alphabetical order. Since Brazil had 2013 federations cup 2014 world cup 2016 olympics, they wanted to switch with chile, so chile is getting the 2015 copa america, and brazil will take it in 2019. (there will be a use for all those soccer stadiums after all!)

being played from june-july 4th...

relevant cause, it's in the world football sections, and I decided not to come back to korea just yet. just booked a ticket from feb to july, going to fly in and out of santiago. family thinks i am a bit crazy, and i do as well, but found a job at a hostel, so just going to live there and study spanish (no bicycles envolved just yet...)

if anyone has more information on ticket procedures let me know, but stage two is open right now, so i am assuming it is going to have a slightly different procedure in the remaining stages. anyways, santiago's smaller stadium has 'season tickets' left, so Brazil Colombia and Brazil Venezuela there, as well as Valparaiso to see Equador Bolivia and Peru Venezuela.

After this tournament, it will be family good byes in the US and then to Korea to catch the second half of the season where Jeonbuk will be runners up to Suwon, and to make money cause i'm already pushing board line broke.

As for the top Chilean league(Primera A), 7 of the 18 teams are based in Chile. I think it will be a good time ground hopping there. doing some back searches on soccerway, this leagues has games all thought out the week. the times are really awkward though, so it could be saying a monday, but really it was a sunday night. or maybe these guys just enjoy the monday 4am game, who knows.
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