2014 World Cup qualification

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Re: 2014 World Cup qualification

Postby Roarchild » Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:32 pm

nzfooty wrote:
njs wrote:I've thought NZ needs to go that way for ages....

Yes, that would make perfect sense. I suggested we should also try to join in the Asian Nations Cup fun but not everyone agrees with that one.

It is nice in concept to say that we will get more, meaningful matches by playing in Asia, and it is true, but the reality is that we would usually be playing a second string XI in those games. Australia has found that they cant get their overseas based players released for many Asian Cup qualifiers and they have struggled. Their player depth is far greater than ours. I think we would find ourselves n the same position. That would result in us struggling to qualify i think.

I think NZ taking part in the Asian Nations Cup would be great for them. South America and North America often invite guests to their competitions.
I think it's a lot more doable politically than some of the other ideas.

I do think NZ would fail to qualify because they are a completely different and much worse team without Winston Reid. Once they have a decent coach (I know he got some great results but I don't rate Herbert) you will probably say the same about Rojas.
Even if they don't make it that is still 6 good games (Australia have found them tough). On top of that if NZ got it's act together and continuously qualified for the U20 World Cup, Confederations cup and the Olympics that's a pretty full on international program.

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Re: 2014 World Cup qualification

Postby eujin » Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:54 am

I agree that playing better teams would make the All Whites a better side. But I think it's madness for the NZFA to ask the AFC and FIFA to make their path to the World Cup tougher. The lesson I thought people should have been learning from 2010 was that New Zealand can compete on the world stage, without the benefits that accrue to the likes of Slovakia, Paraguay and Bahrain. Sure they need to be careful which 11 players they send on the pitch and plan their preparations carefully, but in the long term countries like Thailand and Malaysia have a lot more going for them in terms of both human and financial resources.

It may only be a plan now for the senior mens team, but soon enough the Olympic and youth teams will be forced to follow. If the only objective is to displace rugby and win the World Cup then they need to go that way. But if I was a 16 year old kid with a chance to play at the U17 World Cup against future superstars like Fabregas, Kroos and Neymar, then I'd be pretty mad if the big wigs threw all that away just to give the senior team less change of playing against the current superstars. It's true that the guys I played with in Christchurch didn't have much respect for elite soccer in New Zealand, which was frequently the butt of jokes. And that was the guys who played soccer. But after 2010, even the most partisan fan of the all-conquering All Blacks would have to admit that the All Whites put in a decent shift in South Africa and that's not possible by scraping a heroic 2-0 win in Bangkok in the AFC Third Round, but only by appearing on the biggest stage at the World Cup Finals.

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