2015 AFC Asian Cup

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Re: 2015 AFC Asian Cup

Postby daeguowl » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:13 am

Holyjoe wrote:
Alex43 wrote:lack of defensive control saw korea on their heels for the 2nd goal, as well as a lack of someone to get in front of the net. how many times was a ball shot into the box, only to see one red shirt there waiting. everyone felt more comfortable from outside the box, korea has ton of midfielders and it showed (another reason eninho was naturalized years back). everyone is right on there not being a striker as of yet, looks like there wont be one for a few years to come, WC qualifiers start in about 2 years right?

Korea start World Cup qualifying in June this year, that's in the first group stage with a bunch of teams they should breeze through. The AFC have changed things somewhat and these qualifiers will double as 2019 Asian Cup qualifiers too so that should kill two birds with one stone. I say they should breeze through, but they made very heavy work of getting past Lebanon, Kuwait and UAE at the same stage of the 2014 qualifiers. The stronger teams will be spread out a bit more this time around though as there will be eight groups of five instead of the five groups of four there were back then. They will most likely end up with someone like Cambodia, Brunei or Nepal as the fifth team... another 16-0 on the cards against the latter?

No partial exemption for semi-finalists this time around? Hopefully will get to see a few new nations...

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