Other - Bibong Artificial Pitch

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Other - Bibong Artificial Pitch

Postby Cyclops » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:58 pm

Hwaseong Sinwoo Electronics

City: Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do
Stadium: Bibong Artificial Pitch
Capacity: 1,000 approx
Formed: 2007
Division: K3 League
Honours: K3 League Stage Winners 2007, 2008
Website: None

How To Get There
  • From Seoul: Take subway line 1 or 4 southbound. Get off at Geumjeong Station. It takes about 40 minutes from central Seoul. Leave the platform by the steps nearest the front of the train, and go out exit 4. Come down the steps onto the street and go straight for about 30 metres. Go past the main bus stop, and about 20 metres later there is a second bus stop for the 330 bus, right outside 7-eleven. The 330 bus starts here and runs about 4 times per hour. Get on the bus and pay 1,600 won. The journey to the ground takes about 20-25 minutes. You need to get off at a place called Ya-mok-ri (야목리), a little before Bibong. About 10-15 minutes into the journey the bus goes through a town called Banwol. After that it goes onto a multi-lane road for a very short distance, then turns left onto a much smaller road. Five minutes later you will pass a Family Mart on your right-hand side. It looks very out of place in a small village so easy to spot. Then the bus goes over a small hill. Ring the bell. The next stop is Ya-mok-ri (it’s announced on the speakers in the bus). Get off and walk forwards from the bus for about 200 metres. You'll pass a couple of large greenhouses on your right, then open fields! After 200 metres or so turn right onto a very narrow "road". It's basically a farm track, but it's concrete so fine for walking on. Go straight. You can see the ground from here, in front of you to the left (look for the green mesh fence that surrounds the pitch). Walk for about 10 minutes until you hit a road, then turn left and you can't miss it. Award yourself a gold star for getting there, and enjoy the game! (If you don’t like walking, stay on the bus for an extra 5 minutes, get off at Bibong, and follow the directions below.)
  • From Suwon: Come out the front of the station building and turn right. There are several bus stops here next to each other, outside a branch of Lotteria. Lots of buses go to Bibong: 22, 22-1, 50, 400, 400-1, 990, 999. The journey takes about 20-25 minutes, and costs 1,000 won. Get off at Bibong (it’s announced on the speakers in the bus). The taxi rank is about a 2 minute walk from the bus stop, look for a sign for “Bibong Town Office” (비봉면사무소) just off the main road. Tell the taxi driver: “Bi-bong Seup-ji In-jo Goo-jang” (비봉습지인조구장). It should take 5 minutes or so, and cost around 4,000 won. The ground is on a fairly popular road, so there’s a decent chance of flagging a taxi after the game, but you might want to take a card from the driver just in case!
  • The nearest subway station to the ground is actually Hanyang University (한대앞) on line no 4 in Ansan. It’s about 6km away and there’s no public transport to the ground, so you’d need to get a taxi. Tell the driver: “Bi-bong Seup-ji In-jo Goo-jang” (비봉습지인조구장).

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