2017 National League season

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Re: 2017 National League season

Postby jamesedrupt » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:44 pm

Changwon still on top.of the league. Beat Cheonan City 3-2 tonight. Gyeongnam top of the Challenge and Changwon on top of the National League. Good time to be down here.

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Re: 2017 National League season

Postby Holyjoe » Mon May 29, 2017 7:20 am

Results from this weekend:

Busan TC 0-2 Gimhae
Gyeongju 3-2 Mokpo
Daejeon 0-0 Cheonan
Gangneung 3-3 Cheonan

Current Standings (after 13 rounds)
Gimhae 25
Gyeongju 22
Daejeon 21
Changwon 20
Mokpo 15
Cheonan 15
Gangneung 11
Busan 7

Gimhae have gone 13 games unbeaten this season which equals their club record set in 2013. They've got a bit of a wait now to see if they can extend that run in regular league season action as the league is on its holidays now and the eight teams will all be heading off to Yanggu for the annual National League Cup competition which begins on June 3rd.

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