2016 University League

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2016 University League

Postby anamerican » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:26 am

I think the final is still sponsored by Café Bene.

In February, there was some cup competition that confused me. Maybe the cup was just to determine which teams got into the FA Cup. I have no idea and I cannot translate the KFA notices if there was one.

The league season I was expecting has officially started. Matches are almost guaranteed to be played Friday starting at 15:00.

Today is April 12th. April 15th will be round 4 of the season.

It seems to me the groups have become fixed. Universities will face the same teams year in and year out.

You can find the schedule and results on the KFA website. I have tweeted the schedule for each group on #kfb and sent it to @theKFA. I do not tweet the schedule at the same time each week. I tweet it just to put the schedule into Twitter search for those extremely rare souls who may care or stumble upon them.

I am not tweeting results,yet. I do not have any plan to do so at this time. The KFA tweets a very select few results.
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