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Re: The "48"

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:11 pm
by SteveW
Don't have a huge inclination to do the 92 in England or 42 in Scotland at the moment. It would be a pretty expensive endeavour just to do the EPL teams.

For now I've set my sights on:

- 1 game in every round of the FA Cup from the 1st pre-qualifying all the way to the final
- Every team within a doable distance of me which seems to be primarily Western League, some Southern League, Hellenic League and Wiltshire League. Plus a handful of higher level clubs.

I'm soon getting to the point where driving for an hour and a half to watch football in one step up from a public park (or even a public park in some cases) in the rain is not that attractive a proposition.

One aim I had was to go and see York City lose before Jackie MacNamara got sacked but I might be too late for that now...